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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

As Halloween rolls near once again, you may be finding yourself in a bit of a panic as to what you should wear for a costume. Should you do a group costume of the cast of Big Bang Theory again this year, or go solo as sexy Bernie Sanders (it's just regular Bernie Sanders)? There's really no easy way to know what costume will fit your arbitrarily-assigned personality type -- until now! As someone just as qualified as Myers or Briggs, I'm going to tell you what costume you should wear based on your Myers-Briggs personality type! It's science, baby!

Since you're so quiet and serious, as well as logical and loyal, you should totally be C-3PO! You'll love organizing everything on the Millennium Falcon and keeping that rascally R2-D2 in line!

Y'all are pretty quiet and friendly. You're also dependable and committed to your obligations. You also do your best to keep order between your work and home life. So, because of that, there is no other costume you should even consider, fam: you gotta be C-3PO!

This is my type I always get when I take those quizzes and only 1% of the population falls in this group! We're extremely special and unique!! We seek meanings and connections in ideas and our relationships. We want to know what motivates humans to do the things they do. We're also quiet and committed and loyal to our values. Because of that, all of us INFJs are gonna have to rock that C-3PO costume!

You have an original mind (snowflake! lol!). You've got a lot of drive to implement your ideas and achieve your goals! You can quickly recognize patterns, kinda like a computer! You've got high standards for performance and honestly, only one costume fits that to a tee. None other than that golden android C-3PO!

You're pretty tolerant and flexible (ooh-la-la! haha j/k). You're more of a quiet observer until you feel like there's a reason to speak up and say something. You'll analyze lots of data to see how things work and to isolate the core of a problem. This one was tough! You should definitely be C-3PO! Analyze that data, honey!

You're quiet and sensitive. You really live in the moment, but you like to have your own space. You're loyal and committed and don't force your opinions on others. While this could be a Mummy or even a Sexy Pirate, you should definitely be C-3PO!

You're idealistic, as well as loyal. You want an external life that falls in line with your values. You also try to understand people and how you can help them. I've only met one other INFP and from the moment their metallic hand shook my hand, I knew that, like you, they were C-3PO!

You try to develop logical explanations for everything that interests you. You're more interested in ideas than social interaction. You're skeptical, a little critical, but always analytical. Homie, you're C-3PO through and through!

You tend to take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results. You hate theories and conceptual explanations! You wanna be energetic in your action. Do it right now! You learn best through doing. Pragmatic? Only one costume fits that and it's C-3PO!

You're friendly and accepting. You love people and material comforts. You enjoy working with others to make things happen. You learn best by trying a new skill with other people. The most friendly and accepting character you could be for Halloween is my gilded buddy C-3PO.

You can make connections between events and information pretty quickly. You confidently proceed based off of patterns you've detected. You like warm affirmation from others and always give appreciation and support. You, my friend, should dress up as C-3PO.

You're quick, alert, ingenious, and outspoken. You're resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. You can create conceptual possibilities and then analyze them strategically. Whoa-ho! That's a C-3PO if I've ever seen one!

You're practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact. You're also decisive. You organize projects and people to get things done and focus on getting results in the most efficient way possible. You like to take care of the routine details, just like C-3PO!

You want harmony in your environment. You like others to complete tasks accurately and on time. You're loyal and notice what others need day-by-day, like maybe Luke Skywalker needs some blue milk! Go grab him a cup, C-3PO!

You're responsive and responsible. Highly aware of the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. You might be a catalyst for individual or group growth, like helping R2-D2 around! Nice work, C-3PO!

You're frank, and decisive. You quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies. You enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. You're usually well-informed, and I can't think of anyone with more information than a Droid like C-3PO!

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