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5 Sandwiches You Have to Eat Before You Die

The sandwich, first invented by the Earl of Sandwich in the 18th century after dropping his fork on the ground and needing an alternate way to pick up sliced meat, comes in many shapes and sizes and flavors. I've eaten upwards of thousands of sandwiches in my lifetime, so I'd like to share my favorites with you.

The How I Met Your Mother
(SPOILERS!) Be prepared to wait! It takes seven hours to make this sandwich. This sandwich has some pretty standard ingredients that almost every sandwich before it has had, but there's an element of mystery to it with its secret sauce. It's a yellow sauce that throughout the sandwich you think it's one sauce, and then maybe another. After you've had your dessert and finished your drink -- which were good enough on their own, honestly -- and you walk out the door of the cafe, they reveal the sauce: a mix of mayo and mustard. You'd think since it takes so long to make the sandwich that it wouldn't be that much of a letdown, but, here we are. 

The Tweet
I love this sandwich because it's relatively small and kind of bite-sized. You can eat it even if you're not hungry because you'll forget about it in a few seconds anyway. Available at Personal Sand in San Francisco, they make thousands of these a day, but most of them just aren't that great. It's worth it, though, when you come across that one little sandwich that's just absolutely delicious. You'll want to share it with your friends so they can experience it, too. They'll even toast the bread with an image of your face on it! What's more is they just put the list of ingredients out in the open so you can go home and make the sandwich yourself and just tell your friends you came up with it!

The Benghazi
This one is only available at Randall's on 47th in New York City. If you don't know where that is, then maybe this sandwich isn't for you, my man. Named for the owner's son, Ben, who played in a Fugazi cover band in his 8th grade talent show, this sandwich will attack your tastebuds and cause lots of controversy in your stomach, primarily on the far right side.

The Kickstarter
The sandwich is pretty mediocre -- it's just a standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich -- but there's an experience with this sandwich that is unmatched. Ultimately, the sandwich -- available at The Sandbox in Portland -- is free. However, the only way to get the sandwich is to stand out front of the store and convince passers-by how great the sandwich is and if they give you some money, you'll get to make one. And if they're lucky, you'll eventually get to make one for them too!

The Bernie Bro
I'll be honest, this is a great sandwich -- it's got ingredients I've been wanting in a sandwich ever since I had the right to eat -- but it probably won't fill you up and everyone in the restaurant just rambles on and on about how good it is to the point where you'll just grab whatever's pre-made in the cooler by the register and move on with your day.

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