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Top Tweets of 2014

It might be a little premature, what with about a week still left in the year, but I'm awake and sober right now and I don't expect that to last. So, here it is, my top list for 2014. I decided to dig through all the tweets I read over the year and pick out my favorite ones to highlight right here on my very own blog. We still say "blog," right?

Wow! This tweet so accurately describes the weather in New Orleans on January 28th! It even tacks on a little joke using a parody of R. Kelly lyrics! This guy's on the ball!

Hahaha! One can only imagine this was a joke because the weather was cold?? Really great stuff!

Wow! I'll bet it would be weird to drink dressing from the bottle! Good thing we have salad!!

What would an HD pizza be like???? This guy is just killing it on food tweets!

So many questions here! What kind of wings?? Angel wings?? Duck wings?? Haha, probably chicken wings though.

Great send up of April Fools Day, which this guy thinks is "the WORST"

This is just good sound advice for anyone with a history of heart disease in your family, but told in a way the kids will understand.

This is really an unfortunate tweet. It may have been funny on May 30th, but in light of recent allegations, what kind of lessons is Cliff teaching Theo?? Hopefully not rape!

Haha, this one's great because it's like that quote from the space movie.

This is just so #relatable!

What a funny idea for a fancy hot dog!!!

Laughter is contagious and this laugh got us rolling!

We liked this one because it appeals to Janet Jackson fans, as well as those who do yoga or whatever "namaste" is from

This one's a little dark and we're not sure why a children's book is mentioned at the end, but sometimes comedy is found in weird places!

haha we don't get this one, but we think it's some sort of Andy Kaufman type thing!

What a great year for tweets! Such a variety from an assortment of people! Can't wait for #2015!

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