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Top 17 BuzzFeed Headlines of 2014

BuzzFeed, that bastion of journalistic integrity and high-quality lists, has had a banner year as usual, so I wanted to list my favorite ones from 2014!

  1. 47 Ways a Hamster is Just a Small Cat
  2. 18 Friday Activities Sure to Keep the Demons inside at Bay
  3. 23 Dogs that Look Like Fat Joe
  4. 58 Shoe Sizes You Never Knew Existed
  5. 16 Ways that Friends is Basically a Live Action Ninja Turtles
  6. 5 Rick Astley Songs That Aren't "Never Gonna Give You Up"
  7. 11 Gun Shot Wounds That Didn't Hit an Artery
  8. 10 Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories That Actually Make Sense
  9. 69 Numbers That Make Us Giggle Every Time
  10. 14 Ways You Won't Believe You Can Make an Omelette on a Radiator
  11. 15 Boners That High School Boys Failed to Conceal in Class
  12. 38 Chicken Nuggets Dave Puked Up After the Office Nugget Eating Contest
  13. 22 Twitter Accounts That Only Follow Dave Coulier
  14. 3 Foods That Don't Contain GMOs
  15. 16 Chuck Norris Jokes You Haven't Heard Yet
  16. 35 Photos We Stole From Reddit
  17. 21 Signature Blanks on My Fucking Divorce Papers and The Tiny Dicks I Drew Next to Each One

Can't wait to see what they cook up in 2015!

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